EUROCAP EXCHANGE | Secondary Market for Bank Assets in Europe | Membership
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Apply for membership to gain access to our marketplace


Institutional Participation
To encourage maximum market participation and liquidity, we do not charge any membership costs. However, our membership approval process ensures market participants go through a proper vetting process to keep our markets safe and sound.

Member Pricing
We charge sellers a marginal listing fee per asset, and a bidding fee for buyers. Our commission free structure aligns us to our market members and to the goal of maximizing market volume rather than widening bid-ask spreads.

Terms and Conduct
Approved institutional members are responsible for their own reputation and abiding by our membership agreement, which includes appropriate membership conduct. Although we have a three warning policy, we reserve the right to rescind and revoke member access at any time from reports of member misconduct such as shill bids. Once membership is revoked, it becomes very difficult for your institution to gain access to our market again.

Register and submit a membership application to gain access. After being verified and approved, your institution will receive an official membership brochure including pricing details, an invitation to setup a master account, and a membership terms of agreement which will have to be reviewed and accepted electronically. The user with the master account can provision access to all other colleagues in the institution sharing the same company email address domain. There are no limits to the number of users and master accounts per institution.